About Cloud4Hotels

This ground breaking accountability software will ensure that all rooms are turned cleaner and faster. Using this software rooms will be tracked and ready for occupancy in real time. This will make it possible to have the most rooms available for guest check in. These tools will add to ultimate guest experience which will turn into higher guest satisfaction scores and repeat stays. Maintenance concerns will be tracked and reported with a touch of a button so that the rooms are always maintained.


We assure all staff members are trained in all aspects of the application. They will be able to properly execute the system from day one. Ensuring a proper and swift transition.

Strong Leadership

Our management team will always insure the system is the most up to date and groundbreaking. This will optimize your guest experience while significantly increasing guest satisfaction, retention, loyalty and referrals.

Cost Effective

Cloud4Hotels goal is to ensure the highest level of cleanliness is maintained throughout your hotel, while saving you time and money.

"How to get Happier Guests, Cleaner Rooms, and More Efficient Room Attendants in 5 Easy Steps!"

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